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Five Days Puglia 2010

3rd edition Follow the Sun


Five Days Puglia 2010 – stage 5: Final race in Peschici

The Five Days Puglia 2010 in Gargano ended yesterday with a sprint race in the town of Peschici. Meeting point (arena) and finish was in the main square in front of the municipal hall, while the start was a couple of hundred meters south of the arena. The courses (the longest measuring 2.3 km and had 18 controls) went up primarily in the centre of the town with quite a modern city streets, but there was also some legs that was in some of the narrow alley northwest of the arena. Many courses also contained several interesting route choices.

In the men's senior class (M21) Rene Rokkjær led the overall before Friday's final race (stage 5) in Peschici. The experienced Danish runner ran well also yesterday and was number 3 in the sprint race, only beaten by 30 seconds of stage winner Beat Zimmermann, Switzerland. Rene Rokkjær won, making a fairly clear overall victory, with a total time that was nearly 4 minutes better than Zimmermann. Elin Bjerva, the solid Norwegian lady runner, was best in the first four races, although there were some mistakes in the first races. In the city sprint in Peschici yesterday, which ended this year's 5-days competition in Puglia, Bjerva used 22.14 minutes in the 2.2 kilometres course. She was only 4 seconds behind Brie Creature (Austria), who won the final race. Elin Bjerva was absolutely superb in the overall. Her winning margin in W21 ended nearly 15 minutes. Second place overall went to the Czech Barbora Krejcikova.

It was Norwegian double victory overall in the boys class, M15. Harald Astrup Arnesen won ahead of his brother, Ulrik Astrup Arnesen, and victory margin of nearly 6 minutes. In the 5th stage yesterday they came in, respectively number 3 and 2, both about one minute behind the winner, Finnish Petja Pöyhönen who lost much time on the 3rd stage in Foresta Umbra.

It was incredibly tight in the girls' 15-years class. After 4 races Nea Isolähteenmäki, Finland, lead with 54 seconds on her sister, Pia Isolähteenmäki. In the final sprint race in Peschici yesterday Pia Isolähteenmäki was 57 seconds faster than her sister in the 1.7 km long course, which was won by Norwegian Heidi Mårtensson on time 14.29 minutes. Overall, it was nevertheless Finnish double victory, with Pia just 3 seconds ahead of her sister after almost two and a half hours running during the Five Days Puglia 2010!

Also in the women’s junior class (W20) it was pretty tight time-wise. Norwegian Anneke Hald Bjørgum, who is running for the top club Kristiansand OK, won 4 of the 5 races in Five Days Puglia 2010, including the 5th stage in Peschici. Overall, she won by more than 3 minutes ahead of Nikoline Bromander, also from Norway. In this class, there were also Norwegian runners on third, fourth and fifth place overall.

In the youngest class, MW10, was the victory of Norwegian Erik Mårtensson. He had two wins and three second places in the different races, but young Mårtensson was the only one in this class who managed to complete all five races. His father, and double world champion individually, Jörgen Mårtensson secured a systematic overall victory in the tough M50 class. With best time in the last race "Mr. Orienteering" won a pretty clear victory overall in front of another former top runner, Egil Wickstrand Iversen, Norway (World Championship Bronze 1985). In this class, there were also Norwegians in third and fourth place overall.

It may also be mentioned that Norway took all first places overall in the women's veteran classes. W40 was won by Ragnhild Hald Bjørgum; W50 by Anne Line Nydal Berglia, and W60 overall victory went to Katharina Mo Berge. In the class for beginners, it was only Norwegian participants. In the category "Beginners" was the best very young Sophie Andersen after 5 stages.

Belgium competed with only one runner among the men’s classes in Five Days Puglia 2010. Dirk Deijgers was still clearly the best overall in class M40 after running well in the 5 different races. In the oldest class, the M75 – which had only four participants, Othmar Sauter, Switzerland, was in the lead with more than two hours before the final race in Peschici. On yesterday's 5th stage the Swiss was unfortunately disqualified. The victory in the race and the total standings went thus to the Norwegian Helge Kvaase. After more than five and a half hours of running total victory margin was poor 34 seconds to countryman Thor Eggen.

Norway attended by more than half of the participants in this year's Five Days Puglia. The Norwegian runners did well purely athletic and secured a total of 13 out of 20 first places overall. The Finnish runners ran well also and secured a total of four overall victories.

After the race in Peschici organizers completed awards ceremony for the 5th stage and overall. Like so many times before, there was singing and music by Nick Manfredi, and it was also served free food to the runners.

These are the winners of the 5th stage on the 8th October:
M21: Beat Zimmermann, Switzerland, 16.58
W21: Brie Creatura, Austria, 22.04
M20: Stian Jensen, Norway, 19.55
M15: Petja Pöyhönen, Finland, 12.19
M12: Sakari Koskela, Finland, 10.35
M40: Helge Fossøy, Norway, 20.24
M50: Jörgen Mårtensson, Norway, 12.45
M60: Matti Railimo, Finland, 13.28
M70: Roland Dahl, Sweden, 15.32
M75: Helge Kvaase, Norway, 30.07
W20: Anneke Hald Bjørgum, Norway, 12.32
W15: Heidi Mårtensson, Norway, 14.29
W12: Sanna Koskela, Finland, 10.58
W40: Signe Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 17.00
W50: Unni Strand Karlsen, Norway, 15.05
W60: Bjørg Kocbach, Norway, 18.49
MW10: Håkon Nordbø, Norway, 15.12
Beginners: Petra Hoveid, Norway, 12.29
Open 1: Annika Hepokorpi, Finland, 15.13
Open 2: David Hofstetter, Switzerland, 16.57

These are the overall winners of the Five Days Puglia 2010 – after the final stage in Peschici:
M21: Rene Rokkjær, Denmark, 135.19
W21: Elin Bjerva, Norway, 150.53
M20: Henrik Mårtensson, Norway, 166.59
M15: Harald Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 123.42
M12: Sakari Koskela, Finland, 72.32
M40: Dirk Deijgers, Belgium, 150.52
M50: Jörgen Mårtensson, Norway, 117.38
M60: Matti Railimo, Finland, 120.53
M70: Roland Dahl, Sweden, 126.55
M75: Helge Kvaase, Norway, 335.57
W20: Anneke Hald Bjørgum, Norway, 109.33
W15: Pia Isolähteenmäki, Finland, 149.16
W12: Susanna Aho, Finland, 67.06
W40: Ragnhild Hald Bjørgum, Norway, 170.00
W50: Anne Line Nydal Berglia, Norway, 134.21
W60: Katharina Mo Berge, Norway, 133.14
MW10: Erik Mårtensson, Norway, 90.00
Beginners: Sophie Andersen, Norway, 98.39
Open 1: Ingvild Andersen, Norway, 99.21
Open 2: Per O. Klemsdal, Norway, 167.04


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