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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2011



MOC 2011 – stage 3 and final race: A great ending in Selinunte and Parco Archeologico

The Mediterranean Open Championship 2011 ended today with the third and final race in Selinunte, district of Castelvetrano. In a perfect weather for orienteering, the middle distance race took place in the Archaeological Park of Selinunte (Parco Archeologico) and with a short end (two controls) in the streets down to the harbour of Selinunte. Audun Hultgreen Weltzien and Annika Billstam took the overall MOC victories in the men’s respective women’s class.

The arena of stage 3 was great with location until the beach in Marinella di Selinunte. Most of the participants probably felt; is it possible to get it better than this? It was the first time that there was organized an orienteering race in this unique archaeological park. Perhaps it was also the first time in history that it was a sports event in such a historic park with temples and ruins from antiquity.

Audun Hultgreen Weltzien, who was in the lead before the final stage today, took a superb victory overall in the men’s class (M21). The strong Norwegian runner was almost three minutes faster than Jerker Lysell from Sweden at the demanding middle distance in the Archaeological Park of Selinunte. The course was 6.9 km long with 24 controls – and the winning time was incredible 37.24 minutes. Also in the overall standing Jerker Lysell came in second place. Audun Hultgreen Weltzien did three strong races at the 7th edition of Mediterranean Open Championship (MOC) – and won the overall victory with nearly three and a half minutes ahead of the young Swede. Third place overall went to another Norwegian, Øystein Kvaal Østerbø. He had the third best time in today’s race.

In the women’s class, Annika Billstam from Sweden took the overall victory ahead of Sarah Rollins, Great Britain. Third place went to Angela Wild. The Swiss national team runner was fastest in today’s race, but she was only seven seconds faster than Sarah Rollins. Annika Billstam did three good races at MOC 2011 – and won the overall with a margin of only 39 seconds. It was perhaps a little surprise that Sarah Rollins finished second overall. Lena Eliasson, who was in the lead before the final stage, could not manage it in today's race, finishing in sixth place overall.

As mentioned earlier the last MOC race today was a middle distance race. The courses were in fairly open terrain, but also in terrain made tricky through the many green areas which were difficult to read on the map. Some runners lost a lot of time in the green areas in the Archaeological Park.

These are the overall winners of MOC 2011:
M21: Audun Hultgreen Weltzien, Norway, 74.23
W21: Annika Billstam, Sweden, 78.12
M10: Pauls V. Johansens, Latvia, 85.54
M20: Alvise Rumor, Italy, 115.00
M35: Ilya Gusev, Russia, 105.05
M45: Kjell Einarsson, Sweden, 128.32
M50: Jörgen Mårtensson, Sweden, 88.39
M55: Sigurd Dæhli, Norway, 88.35
M60: Willy Streuli, Switzerland, 115.07
M65: Stefan Larsson, Sweden, 87.58
M70: Rune Karlsson, Sweden, 106.18
M75: Sveinung Bleikvin, Norway, 111.33
W20: Hedvig Markgren, Sweden, 109.22
W35: Kirsti Kringhaug, Norway, 119.45
W45: Anneli Östberg, Sweden, 104.56
W50: Guri Bjørndal, Norway, 125.23
W55: Lena Jansson, Sweden, 104.31
W60: Mona Hauger, Norway, 116.57
W65: Katharina Mo Berge, Norway, 120.21
W70: Anne-Britt Nilsen, Norway, 133.00
W75: Gun Hansson, Sweden, 151.04
Open 1: Torhild N. Halvorsen, Norway, 117.30
Open 3: Werner Johansen, Latvia, 199.20


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