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6/10/2010 - Five Days Puglia 2010 – stage 1: A great international start in Rodi Garganico


Five Days Puglia 2010 – stage 1: A great international start in Rodi Garganico Yesterday evening, the 4th October, Five Days Puglia 2010 started with a night sprint race in Rodi Garganico. Strong opening ceremony in historical square with several authorities: Michele Barbone from National Board of The Olympic Committee, Mr. Nicola Vascello – Tourist department of Foggia (APT), Mr Emilio Gaeta representatives of Foggia District, Mr Carmine Danelli – Major of Rodi Garganico, Domenico Di Molfetta (former coach of Javelin Italian National Team) and Nicolino Sciscio (councillor of sport of Vico del Gargano) all well coordinated by organizer Gabriele Viale. With a new and very readable map, a scale of 1:2500 and good courses, it was an improvement from last year’s first race (also a night sprint) in Vico del Gargano. The weather was also excellent, both for runners and spectators, by about 20 degrees Celsius. The men's senior class was won by Beat Zimmermann from Switzerland. His time was very good, only 15.17 minutes in a course which measured 1.9 kilometres and had 17 controls. Ladies class was won by Elin Bjerva, Norway. Norwegian athletes won as many as 14 of the 20 different classes. The important international orienteering meeting that is taking place in Gargano, from 4th to 8th October 2010, provides the opportunity to both compete and relax for five days in a unique environment with lots of sun, including forests, beaches and of course the historic centres, a few steps away from the wonderful sea. More than 300 international athletes participated in the night sprint race in Rodi Garganico, which was followed up today (stage 2) with classic distances in Foresta Umbra. After the first race a big party was offered to all runners in the centre of Rodi Garganico with tasting of typical local products (pasta, red wine etc.) sponsored by the Tourism department of Foggia (APT) and it was excellently prepared by the Association of Cooks Gruppo Saccia. These are the winners of the 1st stage on the 4th October: M21: Beat Zimmermann, Switzerland, 15.17 W21: Elin Bjerva, Norway, 17.18 M20: Henrik Mårtensson, Norway, 18.24 M15: Harald Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 15.32 M12: Sakari Koskela, Finland, 11.00 M40: Dirk Deijgers, Belgium, 17.08 M50: Jörgen Mårtensson, Norway, 13.32 M60: Heinz Oswald, Switzerland, 16.56 M70: Per Løvås, Norway, 20.26 M75: Othmar Sauter, Switzerland, 20.02 W20: Anneke Hald Bjørgum, Norway, 15.06 W15: Katinka Jussie L. Brurberg, Norway, 18.56 W12: Susanna Aho, Finland, 10.11 W40: Signe Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 19.21 W50: Anne Line Nydal Berglia, Norway, 18.40 W60: Torid Kvaal, Norway, 18.22 MW10: Petter Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 19.48 Beginners: Petra Hoveid, Norway, 12.28 Open 1: Victoria Thomassen, Norway, 20.57 Open 2: Einar B. Andersen, Norway, 28.39