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Sardinia Five + Five 2013
1/10/2013 - Stage No. 2 and Stage No. 3 on 1st October 2013 - Two races in one day


Today the “Five + Five Days of Sardinia 2013” continued with two stages. The first race (stage 2) was a middle distance in Torre Argentina. Afternoon’s race (stage 3) was a sprint competition in the city centre of Boso. Due to problems with the land owner of the terrain in Torre Argentina, the start was delayed 45 minutes. Yet, after the race the organiser decided to cancel the competition. Men’s senior class at the 3rd stage was won by currently the world's best orienteer, and 11 times world champion, Thierry Gueorgiou, France. The women’s class was again won by Norwegian Anneke Hald Bjørgum. The victory in the women’s junior class went to Benedicte Hald Bjørgum, Norway, almost one minute ahead of yesterday’s winner, Heidi Mårtensson. Yngvar Høimyr Solberg, Norway, was the fastest runner in the men’s junior class. Kasper Fosser (M14), Norway, Audun Heimdal (M16 - picture) and Sofie Skyttersæter Iversen (W16), Norway, all have two wins so far, and have an overall lead before the last two stages on 3rd October. Tomorrow is a rest day. The 5-days competition concludes with two races on Thursday. The winners of the 3rd stage on 1st October 2013: M21: Thierry Gueorgiou, France, 18:02 M12: Egil Frydenlund, Norway, 08:02 M14: Kasper Fosser, Norway, 07:12 M16: Audun Heimdal, Norway, 12:33 M20: Yngvar Høimyr Solberg, Norway, 19:03 M40: Michele Ren, Switzerland, 20:57 M50: Francesco Guglielmetti, Switzerland, 14:35 M60: Svein Sigurd Jacobsen, Norway, 15:58 M65: Hansruedi Brand, Switzerland, 13:43 M70: Elling Frøvoll, Norway, 19:21 M75: Otto Grahl-Nielsen, Norway, 14:21 M80: Kjell Andersen, Norway, 32:06 W21: Anneke Hald Bjørgum, Norway, 13:32 W12: Jenny Baklid, Norway, 06:16 W14: Hannah Wirz, Switzerland, 09:55 W16: Sofie Skyttersæter Iversen, Norway, 10:00 W20: Benedicte Hald Bjørgum, Norway, 14:24 W40: Marzia Conti Beltraminelli, Switzerland, 18:00 W50: Pia Gustafsson, Sweden, 18:05 W60: Unni Strand Karlsen, Norway, 16:21 W65: Beatrice Röthlisberger, Switzerland, 20:59 W70: Unni Drage, Norway, 11:09 W75: Kerstin Granstedt, Sweden, 12:53 W80: Claire Ek, Sweden, 12:53 Kids: Annika Wirz, Switzerland, 09:24 Open Short: Konrad Imhof, Switzerland, 09:10 Open Middle: Kjell Einar Andersen, Norway, 16:02