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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2017
2/11/2016 - How to become an orienteering champion? Interview with the top orienteering star Daniel Hubmann


Learning from him the skills during MOC training camp & championship 2017!! Follow the Sun in Italy ☺ 1) Ciao grande Daniele, regarding your injury in Aarau, how are you and when do you think you can get back to the competitions? DH: My leg recovered pretty fast and already one week later it didn't affect my daily life anymore. But I still feel that the muscle is not completely fine yet. That's why I didn't start running so far. I started my off-season a bit earlier and it will probably last a bit longer than usually. I will not run any orienteering race this year anymore, but I hope to start the real training in November again. 2) The season 2016 has been important for you, you conquered many World medals. Congratulations for your results! What are you expecting from 2017? DH: Thank you, 2016 was a nice season for me. But Iím already really excited for next year, especially because of WOC in Estonia. I always loved to compete in the Baltic countries. I like the challenge when you go to a country which you donít know so well. 3) MOC: you already took part in MOC - Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering, and we are proud that you won the 2014 edition. For sure you will be one of the athletes to challenge among the UNESCO sites next year. We can say that MOC is one of your classics of the beginning of the season. What do you like the most of this event? And of Italy in general? DH: I donít like winter and cold temperatures so much and therefore itís nice to travel south in the beginning of the season. In Italy the atmosphere is always great and itís easy to get motivated for those sprints. Such a week with many fast sprint sessions usually gives my sprint skills a real boost and on top of that I love the Italian food. Register for MOC races! http://www.orienteering.it/race_subscription.php?subsite=n250516_150041 Link to MOC Camp bulletin: http://www.orienteering.it/race_subscription.php?subsite=n250516_150041 Link to MOC Championship bulletin: http://www.orienteering.it/race_subscription.php?subsite=n250516_150041 Stay with us and... follow the sun! PWT CREW