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Five Days Puglia 2011
4/10/2011 - Five Days Puglia 2011 – Stage 1: A great start in Rodi Garganico


Five Days Puglia 2011 – stage 1: A great start in Rodi Garganico Yesterday afternoon, the Five Days Puglia 2011 started with a city sprint race in Rodi Garganico. The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was also very good. The map was a sprint map with a scale of 1:2500. Start and finish of the race were in the city centre, and the terrain was mainly streets, buildings etc. The longest course measured 1.8 kilometres with 16 controls. The men's senior class was won by Christian Nielsen, Denmark. His time was very good, only 14.29 minutes in the tricky course which measured 1.8 kilometres. The women’s class was won by Anneke Hald Bjørgum, Norway. The young girl’s winning time was 15.47 minutes, and she was almost 2 minutes faster than her sister, Benedicte Hald Bjørgum, who ended in second place. The Norwegian athletes won as many as 17 of the 22 different classes in the first stage of Five Days Puglia 2011. The important international orienteering meeting that is taking place in Gargano this week provides the opportunity to both compete and relax for five days in a unique environment with lots of sun, including forests, beaches and of course the historic centres, a few steps away from the wonderful sea. More than 100 international athletes participated in the sprint race in Rodi Garganico on Monday the 3rd October. After the first race in Rodi Garganico an excellent pasta party with live music was offered to all runners at Hotel Baia Santa Barbara (the Event Office and Event Accomodation). Stage 1 was followed up today (stage 2) with a long distance (classis orienteering) in Foresta Umbra. These are the winners of the 1st stage on the 3rd October 2011: M17A: Christian Nielsen, Denmark, 14.29 W17A: Anneke Hald Bjørgum, Norway, 15.47 M12: Petter Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 5.20 M16: Ulrik Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 13.53 M40: Helge Fossøy, Norway, 17.30 M50: Jon Bjørgum, Norway, 14.46 M60: Elling Aakre, Norway, 17.59 M70: Otto Venhauer, Austria, 20.20 W20: Anneke Hald Bjørgum, Norway, 15.06 W12: Victoria Bjørnstad, Norway, 7.47 W14: Margrethe Wisløf, Norway, 12.52 W16: Heidi Mårtensson, Norway, 15.26 W40: Signe Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 19.38 W50: Sirpa Lilja, Finland, 18.38 W60: Elisabeth Borchhorst, Denmark, 19.57 M17B: Niklas Grønhovd, Norway, 20.07 W17B: Marita Grønhovd, Norway, 21.28 MW10: Erik Mårtensson, Norway, 6.42 Kids: Petra Hoveid, Norway, 12.11 Open 1: Poika Isokoski, Finland, 23.25 Open 2: Kjell Einar Andersen, Norway, 11.55 Open 3: Ladislav Kocbach, Norway, 8.42