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Five days Sicily 2012
4/10/2012 - Control stolen at Stage 3 in Cretto di Burri


As most of the runners already know, one control (No. 62) was stolen at the beginning of the race in Cretto di Burri. The control was taken by a local farmer, but it was found after the race. The accident affected the following 10 classes: M18, M50, W50, Open2, M15, M60: 2nd last control W21, M40: 14th control W18, W40: 4th control Jury in composition Jaroslav Kacmarcik, Jörgen Mårtensson and Claes Nideborn did the following decision: "Today's race at all affected categories was finished at the previous checkpoint. M18, M50: Finish at control No. 16 W50, Open2: Finish at control No. 15 M15, M60: Finish at control No. 14 W21, M40: Finish at control No. 13 W18, W40: Finish at control No. 3 Complaint against this decision may be filed in the race office." Therefore, each runner's finish time in the mentioned classes is corrected according to the jury's decision.