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Five Days Puglia 2010
6/10/2010 - Five Days Puglia 2010 – stage 2: Very challenging classic distances in Foresta Umbra


Very challenging courses in Foresta Umbra The 5-days competition continued Tuesday with classic distances in the Foresta Umbra. Almost all of the runners got really difficult courses in a very technically challenging and rather hilly terrain with pit formations. Even several former world champions struggled with the technique. For example, Jörgen Mårtensson, who won the night sprint in Rodi Garganico (stage 1) on Monday, ran out of the map, but he came rather quickly back in the race terrain. In the M50 class, he finished in 4th place, beaten with 2:34 minutes of the winner, Tom A. Karlsen from Norway. Also Morten Berglia, the Norwegian World Champion in 1983 (Hungary), found it difficult. He finished in 14th place in the same class, nearly 14 and a half minutes after Tom A. Karlsen. In the class M60, Stig Berge, Norwegian World Champion in 1970 (East Germany), was disqualified. Matti Railimo, Finland, spent an average of 10 minutes per kilometer and was more than 5 minutes faster than Heinz Oswald who came in second place. Berge's wife, Katharina Mo Berge, however, was superb in the W60 and won by almost 14.5 minutes. The men's senior class was won by former top runner Rene Rokkjær from Denmark. The winning time was 51.19 minutes in the 7.2 km long course that had 14 controls. It must have been a strong race. Women's class was again won by Norwegian Elin Bjerva. She was almost two and a half minutes faster than Dagmar Podmolikova (Czech Republic) who came in second place. These are the winners of the 2nd stage on the 5th October: M21: Rene Rokkjær, Denmark, 51.19 W21: Elin Bjerva, Norway, 61.52 M20: Henrik Mårtensson, Norway, 54.17 M15: Petja Poyhonen, Finland, 47.16 M12: Sakari Koskela, Finland, 21.40 M40: Jan Sverre Edstrøm, Norway, 54.08 M50: Tom A. Karlsen, Norway, 42.43 M60: Matti Railimo, Finland, 43.11 M70: Roland Dahl, Sweden, 40.01 M75: Othmar Sauter, Switzerland, 83.41 W20: Nikoline Bromander, Norway, 42.41 W15: Nea Isolähteenmäki, Finland, 55.37 W12: Susanna Aho, Finland, 17.42 W40: Ingrid Adenstedt, Austria, 61.51 W50: Anne Line Nydal Berglia, Norway, 49.44 W60: Katharina Mo Berge, Norway, 42.03 MW10: Erik Mårtensson, Norway, 21.47 Beginners: Sophie Andersen, Norway, 23.12 Open 1: Maren Andersen, Norway, 23.17 Open 2: Per O. Klemsdal, Norway, 67.01