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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2014
6/11/2013 - Intervista con Janne Salmi


Intervista con Janne Salmi di Gabriele Viale 1) You are a big O- Champion, many times World Champion, successful high-level coach, and coach of the Finnish national team. As athlete, which victories were the best for you? And as coach, which are your biggest satisfactions? JS- As an athlete, I must say that my six major relay-victories are the greatest moments. Athough I am very much of an individual athlete, the feeling of bringing home Jukola (3 times), Tiomila, 25-manna and WOC-relay of course felt that I managed to do it for many others than just myself. As a coach, there are many great moments, but undoubtedly the moment when Heli Jukkola crossed the finish line in WOC 2007 in Kiev, winning gold with the same time as Minna Kauppi had is a moment I will never forget. 2) Since 2009 you cooperate with PWT Italy in the organisation of the high-quality training camps. Since 2011 during the editions of MOC you launched the sprint training camps. Why do you consider so important the specific training for the sprint distance? JS - There are many reasons for my motivation for MOC Sprint camps, at least five of them: 1. The unbelievably beautiful Italian towns – the greatest places on earth to do sprint-orienteering 2. The fact, that there were no other sprint-camps available – at the still aren’t which I find quite strange 3. Getting athletes from different countries and backgrounds together is really satisfying and the atmosphere on MOC Camps has been truly fantastic through the years 4. I feel that sprint is a discipline where many athletes have work to do and it feels great to be able to help them 5. Italy is my favourite spot on earth: climate, food, landscape, people and mentality, language, music (Nick Manfredi)… Semplicemente fantastico  3) Who do you think are the favourites for the sprint distance in WOC 2014? JS - Matthias Kyburz and Daniel Hubmann and the Swedish youngsters, but I’m hoping for Måre Bostrom to be able to defend his title and of course, that the Italian guys would make a step on the top 10, too. - If Tove Alexandersson is as fit as this year, she’ll be hard to beat. 4) Nowadays, which is your current activity and which are your plans for the future? JS - I’m working at the Turku Sport Academy as the head of coaching: 900 young athletes, more than 25 different sports, 27 coaches, medical team etc… Extremely interesting! Haven’t got any long-time professional plans, just enjoying the work and multi-sport atmosphere where I am right now. Thank you in advance for kindly cooperation JS - Grazie, è stato un mio piacere Copyright PWT Italy