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Five Days Puglia 2010
8/10/2010 - Five Days Puglia 2010: 2 races in one day (stage 3 and 4)


After a rest day Wednesday, two stages were on the program yesterday, the 7th October. First a very demanding middle distance in the Foresta Umbra (1st starting at 10:00 am, and at the same venue as in race 2) and then a sprint in the afternoon in Ischitella (the old town, 1st starting at 17:00). 2 races on the same day was a program many thought was good. And with the nice weather, many chose to travel directly from the Foresta Umbra to the city sprint race in Ischitella. Directly after the sprint competition in Ischitella there was a party (banquet) including dancing and singing of children on the stage, and the songs of Nick Manfredi. And then there was dinner with local food and drink on the menu offered by the organizer of Five Days Puglia 2010. Finally, the evening concluded with an awards ceremony for the second, third and fourth stage. Elin Bjerva, the habil Norwegian lady runner, was once again superb in the W21 class. Thursday, she won both the stages; first the middle distance in Foresta Umbra and after that the sprint in Ischitella in the afternoon. Especially in the forest, she conducted a very strong run, almost without loss of time, in a very difficult and demanding course. Bjerva was more than two and a half minute faster than the next runner. In general, many runners missed much in the Foresta Umbra yesterday. In the men’s class (M21) the Danish Rene Rokkjær was once again the fastest runner in the Foresta Umbra. He completed the 4.8 km long course, which had 13 controls, with amazing 33.25 minutes. The sprint in Ischitella was won by Gabriel Lombriser from Switzerland. After 4 races Rene Rokkjær leads rather clearly in the total before the 5th and last stage today in Peschici. These are the winners of the 3rd stage on the 7th October: M21: Rene Rokkjær, Denmark, 33.25 W21: Elin Bjerva, Norway, 32.47 M20: Stian Jensen, Norway, 52.29 M15: Harald Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 25.44 M12: Sakari Koskela, Finland, 21.40 M40: Helge Fossøy, Norway, 32.45 M50: Egil Wickstrand Iversen, Norway, 31.57 M60: Claes Nideborn, Sweden, 28.11 M70: Roland Dahl, Sweden, 36.42 M75: Othmar Sauter, Switzerland, 53.37 W20: Anneke Hald Bjørgum, Norway, 23.10 W15: Pia Isolähteenmäki, Finland, 28.05 W12: Sanna Koskela, Finland, 14.25 W40: Egle Krasuckiene, Lithuania, 35.14 W50: Anne Line Nydal Berglia, Norway, 49.44 W60: Torid Kvaal, Norway, 29.19 MW10: Petter Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 17.09 Beginners: Sophie Andersen, Norway, 19.26 Open 1: Ingvild B. Andersen, Norway, 19.26 Open 2: Steinar Andersen, Norway, 26.59 These are the winners of the 4th stage on the 7th October: M21: Gabriel Lombriser, Switzerland, 15.43 W21: Elin Bjerva, Norway, 16.42 M20: Stian Jensen, Norway, 16.39 M15: Harald Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 12.14 M12: Axel Hoveid, Norway, 10.00 M40: Helge Fossøy, Norway, 15.51 M50: Jon Martin Bjørgum, Norway, 13.04 M60: Matti Railimo, Finland, 12.29 M70: Roland Dahl, Sweden, 12.52 M75: Othmar Sauter, Switzerland, 16.18 W20: Anneke Hald Bjørgum, Norway, 12.03 W15: Heidi Mårtensson, Norway, 14.00 W12: Sofie S. Iversen, Norway, 09.45 W40: Signe Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 15.20 W50: Unni Strand Karlsen, Norway, 14.18 W60: Bjørg Kocbach, Norway, 13.26 MW10: Erik Mårtensson, Norway, 12.28 Beginners: Lise Stokkeland, Norway, 10.23 Open 1: Ingvild B. Andersen, Norway, 11.26 Open 2: Bård Andersen, Norway, 16.48