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Five days Sicily 2012
2/10/2012 - Five Days Sicily 2012 – stage 1: Sprint race in Sciacca


This afternoon, the Sicily Orienteering Tour 2012 (Five + Five Days of Sicily 2012) started with a sprint orienteering race in the historical centre of Sciacca. The weather for sprint orienteering today was perfect with sunshine and temperature approximately 26 degrees Celsius. Also many young carneval people made the atmosphere during the whole event very nice. Almost 300 international athletes took part at the 1st stage of Sicily Orienteering Tour 2012 (Sicily west). The competitors run on a map for sprint orienteering with a scale of 1:4000. The longest course measured 3.2 kilometres with 16 controls. Start and finish of the race were in the old city centre called Piazza G. Noceto, and the terrain was mainly small streets, buildings etc. – giving interesting orienteering challenges for the runners. The men's senior class was won by Michal Eyer from Switzerland. His time 28:49 minutes was a bit long for a sprint distance, but still good because of the challenging and hilly urban terrain with many narrow streets. In the women’s class, the Norwegian Selma Næss-Ulseth took the victory ahead of her sister Frida Næss-Ulseth. The winning time was 29:40 minutes in the 2.6 kilometres course. The Norwegian athletes won as many as 17 of the 22 different classes at the first stage of Five Days Sicily 2012. Swiss runners took 4 victories, while Sweden got a first place in the women’s oldest class (W75). The international orienteering meeting that is taking place in Sicily west this week provides the opportunity to both compete and relax for five days in a unique environment with lots of sun, including forests, a famous archaeological park, beaches and of course the historical centres, a few steps away from the wonderful Mediterranean Sea. Stage 1 today will be followed up tomorrow (stage 2) with a longer distance in Parco Archeologico di Selinunte! There will be a mass start in each class. The winners of the 1st stage on the 2nd October 2012: M21: Michael Eyer, Switzerland, 28:49 M12: Petter Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 11:56 M15: Ulrik Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 19:33 M18: Lars Henrik Thon, Norway, 23:06 M40: Nils Inge Brurberg, Norway, 25:15 M50: Jon Bjørgum, Norway, 23:49 M60: Tom A. Karlsen, Norway, 21:18 M65: Hansruedi Brand, Switzerland, 24:22 M70: Eric Bucher, Switzerland, 28:28 M75: Fausto Tettamanti, Switzerland, 33:47 W21: Selma Næss-Ulseth, Norway, 29:40 W16: Sofie Skyttersæter-Iversen, Norway, 23:23 W18: Heidi Mårtensson, Norway, 23:13 W40: Marit Inngjerdingen, Norway, 26:24; and Kari Jussie Lønning, Norway, 26:24 W50: Unni Strand Karlsen, Norway, 27:48 W60: Linda Verde, Norway, 23:10 W65: Bjørg Kocbach, Norway, 25:45 W70: Unni Drage, Norway, 36:45 W75: Clarie Ek, Sweden, 42:18 Open 2: Thor O. Klemsdal, Norway, 25:12 Open 3: Sivert Andersen, Norway, 29:01 Beginners: Marit Tandberg, Norway, 15:35