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Sardinia Five + Five 2013
8/10/2013 - 2 stages in a sunny Sardinia


Today in the sunny Sardinia with about 24 degrees Celsius the 2nd and 3rd stages of the Five + Five Sardinia 2013 (Event 2) were held. In the morning stage 2 was a forest sprint race (a short middle distance) in a very nice sea-pine forest near Marina di Sorso. The map with a scale of 1:5000 was completely new and very good, just made by the Swede Claes Nideborn. The courses were from about 1.5 km to 2.9 km – all with many controls and mainly short legs. The terrain was technically demanding and rather flat, and after the race, most of the runners took a long bath in the sea, and stayed a while on the beach that was only 50 metres from the race arena. The victory in the men’s senior class (M21) went to the Estonian runner Sergei Rjabyshkin with the time of 17:17 minutes. Ruth Holmes, Great Britain, took the victory in the women’s senior class (W21). Her winning time was 14:55 minutes. In the afternoon – only four hours after the second stage, the third stage took place in the city of Bosa. The race arena and the finish for the sprint race were in the city centre, and the start was in the old town just a few hundred metres from the arena. The longest courses also had many legs in the open and hilly slope outside the city centre. Ats Sonajalg from Estonia, who won the first stage in Stintino yesterday, was again the fastest runner in M21. His time was 17:26 minutes in the 2.8 km long course with 17 controls. Sabrina Meister, Switzerland, who also won the first stage yesterday, took the victory in the women’s senior class. Meister was 49 seconds faster than Ruth Holmes on the second place.