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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2014
9/03/2014 - MOC Training Camp ready to start


MOC Training Camp ready to start MOC is starting in four days but 100 runners from 15 nations are taking part just before at the high level training camp with Janne Salmi – former world champion and national coach of Finnland. Janne will be supported by young Italians as Tomasso Scalet , Janos Manarin – responsible for technical part of WOC and his assistant from former years Wolfgang Pötsch. Looking to list of participants many world class runners you will see at the training camp as getting tuned for MOC. Janne Salmi had busy last two days , testing all courses and checking maps and controls. On Monday the training camp starts with beautiful weather in the sprint orienteering paradise of Venice – also one training will be on Island of Murano. At the Worldchampionships qualification for sprint will on Burano and the final in Venice – eastern part. A big group of Norwegians from PWT Travel took part at Lipica Open, Jörgen Martensson was winning his category in impressive way. This group will visit before MOC San Marino. Wolfgang Pötsch