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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2010
10/01/2010 - MOC 2010, the last call….142 controls waiting for you!!


6th edition of Mediterranean Open Championship with the new song of Nick Manfredi and “Rodolf Valentino cup”. MOC Championship. MOC Camp, MOC tour are ready. Confirmed 3.000 euro as total prize money. 2315 Km drived together Brko and Gianni Stretto (italian name of Janne Salmi) from Alonte - Vicenza (my town) to Puglia/Calabria in only 4 days in order to set the final details of MOC 2010, 4 great dinner tasting, 2 press conference, 142 controls checked and the short visit in Pian di Novacco - Calabria before drive back at home…. MOC camp: 8 different trainings are prepared from 19 February to 6 march 2010 with 142 controls on the terrain, checked in the last days by the coach of Finland team and the former world champion Janne Salmi together Robert Zdrahal (Brko), MOC technical adviser. Two areas selected in Puglia for MOC training Camp. Gargano (north Puglia) in Foggia district and in Pineta Jonica (center/south Puglia) in Taranto district. The great nationals team have already planned to attend MOC Championship (until now more than 300 entries) and MOC Camp: Switzerland, Finland, Italy and MOC camp will see at the start both the number one in the World Ranking list: Simone Niggli Luder and Daniel Hubmann. Minna Kauppi will be the star from Finland together the Swedish beauties Kajsa Nilsson, Helena Jansson, Linnea Gustavsson and Lena Eliasson. MOC Championship – final program MOC event centre: Municipality hall Vico del Gargano. Friday 26 morning (10.00) MOC prolog and MOC school Championship of Foggia district in Vico del Gargano Historical Centre Friday 26 evening (18.00) MOC 1 st stage in Peschici Historical Centre Saturday 27 evening (11.00) MOC 2 st stage in Foresta Umbra / Gargano Forest (Middle distance for Elite and Long distance for the rest categories) Saturday 27 evening “extra MOC stage”in Ischitella: the MOC banquet and prize ceremony!! Live concert by Nick Manfredi. The banquet will be free for all Elite runners attending MOC championship 2010. MOC 2010 winners will be get from the best time sum of stage 1 and 2. Sunday 28 morning: MOC relay only for Junior and Elite and short distance for the rest categories. Piano Impiombato/Gargano Forest. There are still beds in dormitory, apartments and hotel at disposal. So, you still have the possibility to join us and live an unforgettable atmosphere…. MOC sprint races confirmed during training camp: 3rd march: Castellaneta (Taranto) historical centre – Rodolfo Valentino Cup. 6th march: Monopoli (Bari) historical centre – Domenico Modugno Cup. The winner of MOC – Gold Album 2005 Ieva Sargautyte (Lit) - David Brickhill Jones (Aus) 2006 Dana Broscova (Cze) – Michal Smola (Cze) 2007 Simone Niggli Luder (Sui)– Alexey Bortnik (Rus) 2008 Marianne Riddevord (Nor) - Thierry Gueorgiou (Fra) 2009 Vendula klechova (Cze) - Mats Haldin (Fin) We are waiting for you and remember…Follow the Sun! Gabriele Viale & “La Grande Squadra”.