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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2014
10/01/2014 - Interview with the World Champion Mårten Boström


PWT interviewed the world Champions Mårten Boström who will take part in MOC 2014 in Tuscany. PWT: We are really proud to have you at the 10th anniversary of MOC - Mediterranean Open Championship 2014. Several times you attended to MOC, which has been your motivation to add MOC among your other winter preparation? MB: MOC is guaranteed to have great arrangement while the orienteering of Northern Europe is still dormant. I tend to seek new experiences and MOC has offered just that PWT: How much in your opinion is important to train specifically for the sprint distance? Do you reckon that Italian historical centres characteristics are useful for this purpose? MB: The Italian historical centres offer a fantastic environment for sprint orienteering and as the WOC 2014 is in Venice & Trento getting used to navigating the narrow streets is important PWT: Do you train specifically for the races in the historical centre respect to the races in the forest? And if yes, which are the significant differences of the technical preparation? MB: I enjoy the races in town centres better as they demand quicker route-choices compared to races in the forest PWT: What do you like the most of Italy? MB: There are some fabulous seaside towns which offer a tranquil atmosphere which cannot be found elsewhere. Running a race and relaxing in the sun after a dip in blue makes for a perfect orienteers' day! PWT: Thank you for the interview and best of luck for the next WOC in Italy!