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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2014
10/03/2014 - First training day of MOC training camp - Venice


First day of MOC Training Camp The first training day was exhausting for runners and organizers with two tough sessions in the labyrinth of Venice and second training on island of Murano. Rout choice test in pairs and then chasing the other was program in the morning. Many runners went out after training for analysing and enjoying beautiful scenery of Venice. Two sprint races in the afternoon with time keeping on Island of Murano - again sunny weather and nice boat trip there and back brought strong performances by the world class athletes. At ladies two times Rahel Friederich from Switzerland was the best, in mens races Jerker Lysell from Sweden and Nicolas Simion from Ireland did a good job. But times have been very close together, so we also saw strong performances from Judith Wyder, Emma Johannson und Mathias Kyburz and Jonas Leandersson. Olympic champion of 1972, High Jump, Jurij Tarmak also again taking part at training camp and was really impressed city orienteering paradise Venice.