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Five Days Puglia 2011
11/10/2011 - Video on TV Gargano and an article in Foggia Today from Five Days Puglia 2011


The webtv-channel TV Gargano has produced a 12 minutes long video from Five Days Puglia 2011! The video starts with an 2,5 minutes long interview with the PWT president and event director Gabriele Viale (in Italian), and then you can see a 9,5 minutes long feature with athletes during the 1st stage (sprint race) in Rodi Garganico on Monday the 3rd October 2011. Link: http://www.tvgargano.it/ The newspaper Foggia Today published on the 10th October 2011 an article about the Five Days Puglia 2011 event that ended with the 5th and final stage in Peschici last week. In the article there are also some nice pictures from the different races of the 5-days orienteering event in Gargano 2011. Link: http://www.tvgargano.it/