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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2017
11/10/2016 - “Savelli is the most complex town I ever mapped, even more complex than Matera” said Claes Nideborn


“Savelli is the most complex town I ever mapped, even more complex than the Matera map I updated for the final race of MOC 2013” said Claes Nideborn – “There are so many streets, lanes and stairs in such a small area, as you can see from the sample. Because Savelli map gives a lot of micro route choices it permits to prepare highly technical courses” Claes Nideborn, Swedish from Borlänge, orienteer and mapmaker nowadays for hobby, with more 150 maps done, is the appointed mapmaker for mapping Savelli (Calabria), where one special stage of MOC tour 2017 will take part. MOC tour will be hosted in south Italy with other stages in Rome, Ischia, Agropoli, Paestum and Reggia di Caserta plus other sightseeing in Naples, Capri, Sorrento, Pompei and Amalfi coast. Savelli in fact is the birthplace of Nicola Nick Manfredi, who with “You and Me” song became the singer of the orienteering world. Nick will turn 70 years old next year, and all PWT friends wish to celebrate him with an orienteering race in Savelli on 9th March 2017. Claes Nideborn explained how he has been planning the mapping work in Savelli: ”I got a rather good basic map from the community to start with. At home I used Google street view a lot, in order to prepare the base map as much as possible. In the end of September I went to Savelli for three days field work and after 45 hours work in computer map was clear for a first trail print. I am very serious when I am mapping and I would say that this was the best high quality map that I have ever done. I decided to do this for one of my best friend Nick Manfredi and because I like the pioneering spirit of the PWT team.” Savelli is quite an old village (founded in 1638). Between the World War II and the 1960s more than 7.000 inhabitants emigrated and now only 1.000 people live in the town. Nideborn concluded: “During the last years many houses in Savelli were renovated, so now there is a combination of old and new buildings. The village is very clean, well kept and local people were curious about my job, probably they still don’t understand orienteering sport yet, but they are really waiting this special event dedicated to their fellow citizen Nicola Manfredi”. PWT team wishes to inform you that an extra bus for MOC TOUR 2017 is fixed!! Still few places available! Because of many requests, PWT travel had to increase the capacity to 250 places, adding the fifth bus, therefore there are still a few places available: be fast if you don’t want to miss the extraordinary MOC TOUR 2017! Information about MOC tour: www.pwt.no or bulletin link: http://www.orienteering.it/public/bulletin/ita_n260716_100703.pdf