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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2017
11/11/2016 - MOC 2017, interview with Janne Salmi 7 World medals, 2 times World Champion, head coach of MOC training camp 2017 (together with Jaroslav Kacmarcik)


PWT ITALY: We feel honored to have you for the fifth time as the head coach of MOC Training camp, from 4th to 9th March 2017. It will be an important opportunity because IOF will test the 2 new sprint formats there. You proposed Gargano/Puglia as location for the tests to IOF, which are your motivations to select this area? J.S.: I think Gargano is one of the best sprint-areas in the world (if not the best). Also the landscape, food & atmosphere are great I hope everyone could experience it at least once in their life. PWT ITALY: In your opinion, why should all the elite runners pick the great opportunity to take part in MOC Camp 2017? J.S: Great historical towns, Foresta Umbra, great athletes around. And: well do our best to plan challenging trainings and especially the test-races. By joining the camp, the athletes and coaches can be involved in developing the future sprint-discipline! PWT ITALY: You are one of the best in our sport in the years 90. You won 7 World medals, you are 2 times World Champion, 2 times Jukola winner, elite winner of Five days of Italy in 1998 and then you have been the coach of the prestigious national team of Finland. We often appreciated you as technical commentator of Finnish TV. What are you doing nowadays? J.S: Im working as the chief of coaching in Turku sport academy. Its a network of almost 1200 athletes and 100 coaches from approx. 40 different sports helping to combine studies, sport and well-being (physios, sport-psychology etc). Im involved with athletes from 13 yrs old to Olympic level as well as great coaches every day. A dreamjob! PWT ITALY: Which was your most beautiful victory? Or in which race did you feel you realised your best performance? J.S : Hard to say.. The victories at Jukola and Tiomila were all fantastic and individual gold at WOC meant very much for me, too. But maybe the greatest moment still was relay-gold at WOC 2001 in front of thousands of fans in the home-country. That might have been my best performance as well: I was severely injured just 6-7 weeks before WOC and the pressure was enormous on that day. Still I could perform on a very high level and fulfill the long dream of winning relay-gold for Finland. PWT ITALY: You often travel to Italy. What do you like the most of our country? J.S.: Climate, food, wine, historical towns, language and people ;-). All of It(aly)! Bulletin of MOC Camp: http://www.orienteering.it//bulletin/ita_n210816_103742.pdf Register now at: http://www.orienteering.it//bulletin/ita_n210816_103742.pdf Stay with us and...follow the sun! PWT CREW In the picture: Janne Salmi