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Sicily O-week 44 2017
17/10/2017 -


Sicily: last call for week 44! Info MOC2018 and Five days Italy 2018 Sicily: last call for week 44! And a big thanks for who has been with us in weeks 40 and 41, we had nice orienteering in a unique scenery, with the warmth of local people, tastings and fun. Link for entries week 44 in the respective section Five days Italy 2018 Save money now! Deadline 30th October 2017. Link entries: https://www.5daysitaly.it/entries/ MOC 2018 8000Ä of prize money for the Elite runners. Donít miss the MOC training camp with head coach the former World Champion Emil Wingsted and seminars by Tim Robertson, Natalia Gemperle and other World Champs! Link info in the respective section Stay with us and...follow the sun! PWT CREW