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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2014
18/02/2014 - MOC 2014 Final stage in Florence - Cascine Park


MOC 2014 in Tuscany Final stage in Florence - Cascine Park In most sites of beauty in Florence, the Medici play a part in the history. The same is true with the Casine Park (Parco delle Cascine) which was created by the family to be a game reserve and hunting space. In the late 18th century the park was transformed into a public space designed to take the breath away.It is the largest park in the city and features many interesting plants and trees. Over the years it has played host to many interesting festivals and pageants, including several in honour of Napoleon who kept the space as a park throughout his reign here. As the 19th century approached and the gardens came under the care of town planners, the more romantic style was adopted although the soul of the park as a place for outdoor sports and activities was maintained.