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Five days Sicily 2017
18/04/2017 - 5+5 Days Sicily, and one more week (44) for you!


5+5 Days Sicily, and one more week (44) for you! Upon the big request, orienteering is back in Sicily! The first week is SOLD OUT! Come with us and visit the famous Sicilian locations of the movie “The Godfather” by Francis F. Coppola! First five week (from 30th September to 07th October) will develop in the east part of Sicily, touching venues like Catania, Etna Vulcan and Taormina. The first five days is SOLD OUT! The second five days week (from 07th to 14th October) will be on the west part of Sicily and will include the visit to Corleone, famous for the movie “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola, and the race in the nearby forest of Ficuzza. The second week will see 2 extraordinary stages in the historical centres of Sciacca and Erice, a stage in the monument of Cretto di Burri in Gibellina town and the final in the Archaeological Park (UNESCO site) of Selinunte. NEW BULLETIN with update program: http://www.orienteering.it/…/bulletin/ita_n180417_110311.pdf The program of the second week will be repeated, upon request, in week 44 from 28th of October to the 4th of November! NEW BULLETIN week 44: http://www.orienteering.it/…/bulletin/ita_n180417_110311.pdf Make your O-summer longer!