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Five Days Puglia 2014
18/06/2014 - Discovering Polignano a Mare - the event centre of week 2, Five days 2014


We would like to present you the area of Puglia where the event centre is: the town of Polignano a Mare. Polignano a Mare is a town on the coast and since 2008 it earns the title of “blu flag”, which represent the high quality of the seaside, the seawater, the beaches and the services. Polignano a Mare has a long history which dates back to the Neolitic age and has seen many cultures influencing its history: Byzantine, Norman, Venetian, Spanish. Some must-see in the town are: the marine caves, the bridge of the Traian (Roman) way, and the historical centre. Polignano is also the birth town of Domenico Modugno, famous for his song “Volare”. The town dedicated him a statue. So what are you waiting for? Here the link to the entries: http://www.orienteering.it/logistic.php?subsite=n090913_112041 Next deadline is 30th June!