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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2017
20/12/2016 - Save money, enter now! 31st December 2016: first deadlines for Five + five days Sicily & MOC2017 Special category for deaf people Register now!


Dear O-friends! We’re glad to inform you that for MOC - Mediterranean Open Championship 2017 we created a special category for deaf people. Many deaf Italian people joined our last events in Cyprus, but we also have some Russian and Ukrainian. With this new category, we hope more deaf people from all over the World will join! We also planned a conference on Saturday 11th March, where the National Representative of Deaf Sports will talk (also in gestures) about the integration that a sport like orienteering can guarantee. We also would like to remind the calendar of the PWT Italy events for 2017: - March, MOC - Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2017. In particular: MOC Championship 10th-12th March, Agropoli - Paestum Archeological Park - Caserta Royal Residence; http://www.orienteering.it/public/bulletin/ita_n220916_094740.pdf MOC TOUR 03-13th March, various locations, http://www.orienteering.it/public/bulletin/ita_n220916_094740.pdf MOC Training camp, 4th-09th March, in Gargano (Puglia, Italy), http://www.orienteering.it/public/bulletin/ita_n220916_094740.pdf and MOC Weekend 08th-13th March. http://www.orienteering.it/public/bulletin/ita_n220916_094740.pdf - July, 02nd-09th: Five days of Italy 2017 - Primiero (Dolomites Mountains, Italy) http://www.orienteering.it/public/bulletin/ita_n220916_094740.pdf - September/October: Five + five days Sicily 2017, in particular: First week from 30th September to 07th October, Sicily east Second week from 07th to 14th October, Sicily west. Bulletin: http://www.orienteering.it/public/bulletin/ita_n220916_094740.pdf SAVE MONEY, ENTER NOW! Next deadlines from MOC2017 and Five + five days Sicily are on 31st December 2016. Register now! MOC2017 link for registration: http://www.orienteering.it/public/bulletin/ita_n220916_094740.pdf Five + five days Sicily 2017 link for registration: http://www.orienteering.it/public/bulletin/ita_n220916_094740.pdf So we wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a lovely 2017 with us! Stay with us and…follow the sun! PWT CREW