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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2014
21/01/2014 - PWT interviewed the world Champions Daniel Hubmann who will take part in MOC 2014 in Tuscany.


PWT interviewed the world Champions Daniel Hubmann who will take part in MOC 2014 in Tuscany. PWT: We are really proud to have you at the 10th anniversary of MOC - Mediterranean Open Championship 2014. Several times you attended to MOC, which has been your motivation to insert MOC among your winter preparation? DH: Italy is always worth a trip, especially for sprint orienteering. And this year it was quite obvious that I have to enter for the MOC and MOC-Camp, since itís also a WOC-Camp. Iím really looking forward to the trainings in Venice and to the races in the Toscana. Itís easy to motivate myself for MOC, because the atmosphere is always great when Gabriele and his crew are organizing something! PWT: How much in your opinion is important to train specifically for the sprint distance? Do you reckon that italian historical centres' characteristics are useful for this purpose? DH: Of course, Italian city centres are very useful to improve the sprint skills. You can train for one week and you donít even get bored. In most of the camps Iím taking part the focus is on forest orienteering, sprint camps are clearly underrated. Thatís why the MOC-Camp is so important to me, here I can work on my sprint technique properly. PWT: Do you train specifically for the races in the historical centre respect to the races in the forest? And if yes, which are the significant differences of the technical preparation? DH: Yes, I do specific training. This week in March is an important piece of my WOC sprint preparation. I hope to benefit a lot from those sessions. Full concentration is needed, as always in orienteering. But sprint is probably more intense, especially in Italy. PWT: What do you like the most of Italy? DH: Risotto al Funghi, Tortellini, Ravioli, Pasta, Polenta, Pizza, Canelloni con broccoli, Mozarella, Prosciutto e Formaggio di Asiago Looking forward to MOC! See you there! Daniel PWT: Thank you for the interview and best of luck for the next WOC in Italy!