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Five Days Puglia 2010
21/06/2010 - FIVE DAYS PUGLIA 2010 Bollettino n. 3


Bulletin 3 - FIVE DAYS PUGLIA 2010 Updates 20 June 2010 Categories Open categories 1-2-3: 10 euro/race “PUNCH and GO system” (no prizes no classifications) Entries available in the same days of the races, Kids Courses: 5 euro each including free distance (no banquet, no t-shirt) 2 difficulty grades Category W/M 18: pay 35 euro instead of 80 euro Nordic Walking Five Days Puglia package: 25€/person The package includes: - two organised NW excursions on 5th and 7th October in Foresta Umbra with guide - t-shirt - banquet with tasting of local wine and specialties Meeting point will be concurrent with those of the Five Days Puglia 2010. 5 € poles rental (couple). For the first 20 people registered: poles rental for free Deadline registrations trekking: 1st September Trainings From 2nd until 9 nd October: trainings in Caritate (near Foresta Umbra) with a new map and in Vico del Gargano-old town and a warm up training in Rodi Garganico Package: 3 maps total 10 eur, 1 map 5 eur Referent for trainings: Markku Joensuu Contact: jmarkku@nic.fi Changing start times 3rd oct: first start at 11.00 (instead of 16.00) 4th oct: warm up training (from 18.00) in Rodi Garganico historical centre with 2-3 controls before the first start at 19.00 * we suggest the use of a lamp 5th oct: first start at 11.00 instead of 14.00 6th oct: free day possibility of training: controls still present in Caritate 7th oct: first start at 17.30 instead of 18.30 8th oct: final party with prize-giving ceremony and music in Peschici after the race Info point and rest stop In each stage there will be an info-point with information, old maps of orienteering, gadgets of the Five Days 2010, CD of Nick Manfredi and refreshing drinks.