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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2012
23/03/2012 - MOC 2012 – Stage 1: A nice start in Tor Tre Teste


The 8th edition of Mediterranean Open Championship (MOC) in orienteering started today with a park race (sprint distance) in Tor Tre Teste, which is a district outside the city walls of Rome. The race was held in a big park of Tor Tre Teste and some surrounding urban areas with streets and buildings – giving interesting orienteering challenges for the international runners coming from 14 different countries. The men's senior class was won by the Swedish top runner Jerker Lysell (22) who ran very fast. His time 18.59 minutes was little bit long for a sprint distance, but the course measured as much as 4,8 km and had 26 controls. Scott Fraser from Great Britain came in second place, beaten by 24 seconds. Matthias Müller from Switzerland, former world champion on the sprint distance (Norway, 2010) was number 3. In the women’s class, the swiss Rahel Friederich (26) took the victory with 11 seconds ahead of the young senior Elena Roos, also from Switzerland. The winning time was 21.41 minutes in the 4,3 km course with 23 controls. There were Swiss runners also on the 3rd and 4th place. So the Swiss runners showed ones more that they probably are the best runners in the world on the shortest distance of the orienteering program. The weather for orienteering Friday afternoon was perfect with sunshine and temperature approximately 20 degrees Celsius. Also with a good sprint map for the first stage of MOC 2012, good and varied courses and a nice arena close to the athletics field and the unique new church of Tor Tre Teste - Jubilee Church, were all made for a great event. More than 300 international athletes took part in Stage 1 of MOC 2012 in Rome. Because of the snow storm in Rome last month, which caused damages to the trees in the park of Villa Ada, the Mayor of the city of Rome prohibited to use the terrain of Villa Ada. The municipality of Rome planned to restore the accessibility to the park before 20th March, but they needed more time. Therefore the first stage of MOC 2012 was to be held in Parco Tor Tre Teste instead. Tor Tre Teste has a population of more than 12000. The area was part of the Roman countryside until the middle of the 20th century. Tre Teste means "three heads"; it was named after a Roman funerary relief. One of the deceased is a veiled woman. The relief was walled into a tower built in the 12th century and belonging to the Lateran Basilica. Later the tower was incorporated into a small church. This part of the Roman Campagna was built up rapidly in the second half of the 20th century. Important Roman archaeological remains were destroyed during the process. The modern district is mainly suburban sprawl, a blend of nondescript housing developments and industrial estates. These are the winners of the 1st stage of MOC 2012 on the 23rd March: Men Senior – 4800 m: Jerker Lysell, Sweden, 18:59 Women Senior – 4300 m: Rahel Friederich, Switzerland, 21:41 M 14 – 3100 m: Johan Wehlin, Sweden, 19:11 M 20 – 3900 m: Olli-Pekka Heikkila, Finland, 22:02 M 35 – 4300 m: Patrick Kunz, Switzerland, 22:20 M 50 – 3800 m: Jörgen Mårtensson, Sweden, 19:45 M 60 – 3500 m: Christer Paul Norén, Sweden, 23:50 M 65 – 3500 m: Stefan Greger Larsson, Sweden, 22:22 M 70 – 2800 m: Juhani Kalervo Jokinen, Finland, 18:46 M 75 – 2800 m: Rune Carlsson, Sweden, 19:13 W 14 – 3100 m: Pia S. Iversen, Norway, 19:30 W 20 – 3800 m: Oda Wennemo, Norway, 19:46 W 35 – 3900 m: Maja Kunz, Switzerland, 24:55 W 50 – 3500 m: Eva Löv Folkesson, 23:07 W 60 – 3500 m: Ingrid E. Ström, 24:27, Sweden W 65 – 2800 m: Liv Feiring, Norway, 22:19 W 70 – 2800 m: Birgitta Stenström, Sweden, 24:11 W 75 – 2800 m: Inger E. Vamnes, Norway, 29:32 Open 1 – 3100 m: Pyttan Asplund, Italy, 43:23 Open 3 – 3100 m: Florian Resch, Austria, 1:13:15