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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2017
24/10/2016 - “The orienteering MOC stage 2017 in the Royal forest of Caserta will be the event of the Year” said Bernt Bjørnsgaard – former World Orienteering Champion!!


"2 hours south of Rome there is a unique and virgin orienteering spot, called Reggia di Caserta” said Bernt Bjørnsgaard – former World Orienteering Champion appointed by PWT as map maker of the Royal Residence of Caserta – where the final stage of MOC Championship 2017 will be organized!! Bernt affirms: “In the historical surroundings of the Royal palace you get two types of terrains merging one into the other: The forest of San Silvestro, which was the hunting ground of the Royals, and the enormous park of the Royal Palace. The forest part is hilly with very runnable areas. Some really detailed and interesting features and walls built several hundred years ago, give you something new and spectacular from a orienteering runner point of view. MOC 2017 is the moment - explore a virgin orienteering terrain together with one of the world greatest park and surroundings!” Bjørnsgaard, norwegian from Lillehammer, won the World F-O relay in 1999 in Scotland and was Vice-World Champion in 2001 in Finland. In his extraordinary carrier, he won Jukola 4 times, Tio-mila 4 times, and was norwegian champion in Middle distance twice. Bernt has already been a pioneer in south Italy, when in 2001, for 10 days, together with Jörgen Mårtensson and Gabriele Viale, explored the forests of south Italy (from Sicily/Etna forest, through Calabria and Basilicata/Pollino National Park, to Puglia/Gargano). In 2002 he was the testimonial in the historical races of Alberobello and Matera. Register now for MOC- Mediterranean Open Championship! http://www.orienteering.it/race_subscription.php?subsite=n250516_150041 Stay with us and...follow the sun! PWT CREW