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MOC Mediterranean Open Championship Orienteering 2012
24/03/2012 - MOC 2012 – Stage 2: A great day in Villa Pamphili


The Mediterranean Open Championship 2012 continued today with a middle distance race in Rome. Stage 2 of MOC 2012 was held in Villa Pamphili, a big park in the city of Rome and 2 km from the famous church Saint Peter's Basilica (Basilica Papale di San Pietro) in the Vatican City. Todays terrain was rather hilly and with many small roads and tracks – and also some forest areas. Outside the forest areas, it was mostly very good visibility in the park, and it was possible to run very fast. The men's senior class was also today won by Jerker Lysell. The young Swede ran the 7200 meters long middle distrance course with 26 controls on a time just below 32 minutes. That must be a strong performance in the hilly terrain that in some parts also were crowded of people. Scott Fraser ended in second place, but only 17 seconds behind the winner from Sweden. Andreas Rüedlinger, Switzerland, was number 3. In the women’s senior class, the Swiss women again showed that they are very strong in this kind of easy-running terrain. Ines Brodmann (26) took the victory with almost one minute ahead of team mate Rahel Friederich who won the first stage. Tessa Hill, Great Britain, was number 3 with the time 35.11 in the 6300 metres course with 24 controls. Sarah Rollins ended in fourth place, and another Swiss girl, Brigitta Mathys finished in fifth place. Overall before the final and decisive race tomorrow in Villa Borghese, Ines Brodmann is in the lead with a margin of 45 seconds ahead of Rahel Friederich. Tessa Hill is number 3 in the overall so far. In the men’s class, Jerker Lysell leads before the third and final race in Rome’s big park Villa Borghese tomorrow morning. Scott Fraser is number two, but only 41 seconds behind the strong and fast runner from Sweden. Øystein Kvaal Østerbø, the sprint specialist from Norway, is number three in the overall so far – after a strong race today. Men’s junior class (M 20) was the second day in a row won by the Finnish runner Olli-Pekka Heikkila. Oda Wennemo, Norway, in the women’s junior class (W 20) also took her second stage victory today. Both leads, of course, in the overall, and Wennemo with quite a large margin before the last race. The weather was also today very nice, and we are sure that all the runners enjoyed the time in Villa Pamphili both before and after the race. The Villa Doria Pamphili (Villa Pamphili) is a seventeenth century villa with what is today the largest landscaped public park in Rome. It is located in the quarter of Monteverde, on the Gianicolo (or the Roman Janiculum), just outside the Porta San Pancrazio in the ancient walls of Rome where the ancient road of the Via Aurelia commences. It began as a villa for the Pamphili family and when the line died out in the eighteenth century, it passed to Prince Giovanni Andrea IV Doria from which time it has been known as the Villa Doria Pamphili. These are the winners of the 2nd stage of MOC 2012 on the 24th March: Men Senior – 7200 m / 26 controls: Jerker Lysell, Sweden, 31:54 Women Senior – 6300 m / 24 controls: Ines Brodmann, Switzerland, 33:50 M 14 – 4600 m / 18 controls: Johan Wehlin, Sweden, 37:46 M 20 – 5900 m / 24 controls: Olli-Pekka Heikkila, Finland, 36:22 M 35 – 6300 m / 24 controls: David Rollins, Great Britain, 32:54 M 50 – 5300 m / 20 controls: Jörgen Mårtensson, Sweden, 32:32 M 60 – 4600 m / 16 controls: Asbjørn Schjerve, Norway, 32:00 M 65 – 4600 m / 16 controls: Knut Skjeset, Norway, 32:01 M 70 – 3800 m / 16 controls: Henrik Hvoslef, Norway, 32:35 M 75 – 3800 m / 16 controls: Rune Carlsson, Sweden, 35:26 W 14 – 4600 m / 18 controls: Tuuli Heikkila, Finland, 34:57 W 20 – 5300 m / 24 controls: Oda Wennemo, Norway, 37:57 W 35 – 5900 m / 24 controls: Maja Kunz, Switzerland, 36:41 W 50 – 4600 m / 16 controls: Eva Löv Folkesson, Sweden, 37:56 W 60 – 4600 m / 16 controls: Egle Krasuckiene, Lithuania, 42:36 W 65 – 3800 m / 16 controls: Margareta Larsson, Sweden, 41:28 W 70 – 3800 m / 16 controls: Unni Drage, Norway, 41:24 W 75 – 2800 m: Inger E. Vamnes, Norway, 50:49 Open 1 – 3100 m: Patrizia Bellucci, Italy, 1:06:33 Beginners – 1900 m / 7 controls: Florian Resch, Austria, 36:23