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Eventi Collaterali
28/01/2013 - Intervista a Oleksandr Letychesvky - amico del PWT dall'Ucraina


Interview with Oleksandr Letychevskyy - PWT friend from Ukraine Iíve choose to participate in PWT Italy because I love Italy , because I like orienteering. And it was the case when I can unite the possibility to visit the new places in the world together with orienteering courses. (I donít like boring tourist tours). And also PWT Ė there are people who are the fans of orienteering, we all are a big family and we all have a lot of common features. I think that the next time there will be more O-friends from Ukraine in PWT Italy. Sicily Ė itís a lot of interesting Ė Etna, wine, olives, ancient sites, real people from famous Italian films. Sardinia Ė itís amazing! Iím waiting for the new meeting with my old and new O-friends! Iíve started orienteering when I was 12 years old. Iíve been very curious and often run away from home to the unknown places around my home Ė old park, forest, to the Dnipro-river. For me it was interesting also because I created the maps of my journeys. My parents were worry about my often escapes from home and they decided to organize such my activity. They took me off to the sport school for mountain tourism activity. But there was a good coach for orienteering and he proposed me to try the courses in the forest. After three months Iíve been the champion of Kyiv in M-12. It was only start. Iíve been the champion of Ukraine , I had a lot of competitions in many countries. And now I continue my orienteering activity.