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Five Days Puglia 2014
28/06/2014 - FIVE + FIVE DAYS 2014: Next deadline: 30th June 2014


Discovering Alberobello, Bari and Negroamaro Wine – FIVE + FIVE DAYS 2014 – Second week in Puglia (October) - Next deadline: 30th June 2014 We would like to present you the area of the Five + five days 2014 – Second week in Puglia. One stage will be held in Alberobello. This spectacular town is worldwide famous for the “trulli”, the typical house. These house were built on purpose with the stones which are largely present around, and the best way was to build them round, freestanding. They were the houses of the farmers and the vassals, who build them simply with stones: this decision was made during XVII century by the local Count, in this way they didn’t have to pay the taxes to King of Spain reigning in that period. The Trulli are now UNESCO heritage. The last stage will be held in Bari. Bari is the capital city of Puglia region. It has an history which dates back to thousand years ago, and has been occupied by Romans, Byzantines, Longobards, Berbers, Saracens, Venetians, Normans and many others. It is famous for hosting the relics of Saint Nicolas in its Cathedral, which became one of the symbols of the city. The historical centre of Bari (called Bari vecchia – the old Bari) is worth to be seen. Build on the rocks above the sea, it has a medieval urban area (characterized by narrow streets that form a radial pattern irregular, with the center of the two main churches), dating from the Byzantine era. Puglia food and wines Puglia food’s peculiarity is due to freshness and simplicity of the ingredients. The typical pasta here is “orecchiette”, there are many kinds of cheeses and sweets. The olive oil is something delicious, and with the olives and the tomatoes are the protected products. What about wines? The most famous are Primitivo and the red wines Negroamaro in general….but we let you discover your preferred one!