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Sardinia Five + Five 2013
30/09/2013 - Stage 1: A nice sprint race in Stintino


This afternoon the “Five + Five Days of Sardinia 2013” started with a sprint race in the city of Stintino. The weather for sprint orienteering today was perfect with sunshine and temperature approximately 25 degrees Celsius. Almost 400 international athletes took part at the 1st stage of Five + Five Sardinia 2013. The competitors run on a map for sprint orienteering (ISSOM 2007) with a scale of 1:4000. The longest course measured 3.7 kilometres with 18 controls. Start and finish of the race were at Piazza dei 45, close to the Porto Stintino Minon. The terrain was urban with streets, buildings etc. – giving interesting orienteering challenges for the runners. The men's senior class (M21) was won by Michael Sørensen (CopenhagenO) from Denmark. His time 22:59 minutes was a bit long for a sprint distance, but still good because of the challenging and hilly urban terrain with many prohibited areas and obstacles, and therefore also many route choices. Second place went to Ats Sõnajalg from Estonia, one minute behind the winner. In the women’s class (W21), the young Norwegian Anneke Hald Bjørgum (Kristiansand OK) was sovereign and took the victory with almost four minutes ahead of Elisabeth Holmboe Eggen, also from Norway. The winning time was 20:30 minutes in the 2.9 kilometres course. Interesting that the women’s junior class had the same course. Heidi Mårtensson (Modum OL), the Norwegian junior world champion 2013 on the same distance, took the victory in W20, 53 seconds ahead of Benedicte Hald Bjørgum, Norway. Men’s junior class was won by Harald Astrup Arnesen, 37 seconds ahead of Lars Henrik Verde Thon, both are Norwegians. The Norwegian athletes won as many as 17 of the 27 different classes at the first stage of Five + Five Sardinia 2013. Swiss runners took 4 victories, Sweden 3 victories and Denmark 2 victories. Today's first stage will be followed up tomorrow with two different stages in the area of Boso. Stage 2 will take place in Torre Argentina (a middle distance race), while stage 3 (a sprint race) will take place in the city of Boso. The winners of the 1st stage on 30th September 2013: M21: Michael Sørensen, Denmark, 22:59 M12: Erik Mårtensson, Norway, 11:19 M14: Kasper Fosser, Norway, 10:26 M16: Audun Heimdal, Norway, 14:17 M20: Harald Astrup Arnesen, Norway, 21:29 M40: Michele Ren, Switzerland, 24:47 M50: Joseph Bruegger, Switzerland, 21:36 M60: Tom A. Karlsen, Norway, 23:10 M65: Jørgen Holmboe, Norway, 18:55 M70: Otto Venhauer, Austria, 23:37 M75: Arne Chr. Scheie, Norway, 20:32 M80: Kjell Andersen, Norway, 36:48 W21: Anneke Hald Bjørgum, Norway, 20:30 W12: Jenny Baklid, Norway, 13:43 W14: Thea Sildnes Baklid, Norway, 12:18 W16: Sofie Skyttersæter Iversen, Norway, 12:31 W20: Heidi Mårtensson, Norway, 20:59 W40: Michela Conti, Switzerland, 21:27 W50: Guri Møller Alm, Denmark, 20:33 W60: Unni Strand Karlsen, Norway, 17:23 W65: Siri Elisabeth Holmboe, Norway, 21:00 W70: Charlotta M.A. Granholm, Sweden, 17:16 W75: Kerstin Granstedt, Sweden, Sweden, 21:22 W80: Claire Ek, Sweden, 25:18 Kids: Annika Wirz, Switzerland, 13:32 Open Short: Jørgen Andersen, Norway, 13:43 Open Middle: Kjell Einar Andersen, Norway, 26:00