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Program: Five days 1

30.09 - SAT - Arrivals
01.Oct - SUN - Stage 1, ACIREALE – SANTA TECLA (village race) – first start 15.00 sprint distance. Acireale gave birth to one Italian Golden medalist at Rio Olympics 2016: Daniele Garrozzo, in fencing/foil. He will probably be the honour guest of Sicily first 5 days 2017.
02.Oct - MON - Stage 2, BOSCO RAGABO (Etna forest) - middle/long distance. In the afternoonvisit to Alcantara caves. http://www.golealcantara.it/multimedia/
03.Oct - TUE - Stage 3, CASTELMOLA (historical centre), / TAORMINA (historical centre) after race free time in Taormina, famous for its architecture and especially for the ancient theatre. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_theatre_of_Taormina
From Taormina you can see Calabria/the mainland of Italy.
04.Oct - WED - Rest day – Optional trip to Siracusa and Avola/Noto. Siracusa is rich in Greek history, amphitheaters, architecture and…sandy beach! Avola/Noto are two towns famous for wine (the red wine Nero d’Avola) and or the culture. http://www.esplorasicilia.com/guidaturistica/siracusa/avola-siracusa.php
05.Oct - THU - Stage 4, BOSCO RAGABO (Etna forest) - middle distance. On the return, stop for free time on the sandy beach
06.Oct - FRI - Stage 5, BRONTE - sprint distance. Bronte is the town worldwide famous for the production of Pistacchio! In the afternoon, trip to Etna south side (Nicolosi), from Rifugio Sapienza (1920m above the sea level) you can either reach the top of Etna with cableway, or enjoy some beautiful trekking paths.
07.Oct - SAT - Departures to home or continuing to the second week, with transfer from Catania to Selinunte via Enna/Agrigento with stop at Valle dei Templi, one of the biggest archeological site with Greek temples, UNESCO site https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valle_dei_Templi

Five days 2
07.Oct – SAT - Arrivals
08.Oct - SUN - Stage 1, SCIACCA historical centre sprint distance - First start 15.00. Sciacca is rich in monuments and churches and very famous for its Carnival.
09.Oct - MON - Stage 2, FICUZZA forest / Corleone, first start 11.00
10.Oct - TUE - Stage 3, GIBELLINA/CRETTO DI BURRI, after the race visit to Modione winery (on the hill in front of Creto di Burri). The old city of Gibellina, completely destroyed in an earthquake in 1968, has been transformed in a landscape artwork https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cretto_di_Burri
11.Oct - WED - Rest day - Optional trip to Palermo and Corleone. Palermo is a big city with a lot to see, visit, taste, and feel! Corleone is a nice village on the hills, famous for the movie “The Godfather” by Francis Ford Coppola.
12.Oct – THU - Stage 4, ERICE. First start 10.30. Erice is spectacular city, with a lot to see enjoy http://www.prolocoerice.it/. In the afternoon, trip to Trapani historical centre (shopping possibility), with meeting point on the beach (possibility of bath) where Tirreno sea meets Mediterranean sea.
13.Oct - FRI - Stage 5, SELINUNTE Archeological park. First start 10.30. Banquet with final party (music)
14.Oct - SAT - Departures