Elite Team - 15 October 2018

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And so also the international season of our PWT Elite Team runners Carlotta and Riccardo Scalet… Last weekend in Prague they took part in the last round of World Cup Series, to gain some experience, test WOC2021 relevant terrains and give one last push.

The program was very tough as usual, with 4-rounds of Knock-Out Sprint on Thursday, Sprint-Relay on Friday, Middle on Saturday and Sprint Final on Sunday.

The newly born third sprint format was officially tested in a World Cup event, we saw both good and bad aspects of it, but in any case, the day was successful with our fellow Austrian PWT Athlete Robert Merl taking the 6th (!!!) spot in the Final!! Riccardo was knocked-out in the quarterfinals, and Carlotta in the qualification round. RESULTS


Sprint-Relay is for sure one of the most fun events, and this time it wasn’t different… Held in a steep forest-park terrain, it offered several challenging 3d routechoices, careful map reading and strong legs all the way.  Carlotta started really well, as usual, keeping contact with the leading group all the way to the finish; Riccardo too had a great day with great legs, changing over in 10th place. RESULTS


(Picture by Wcup.cz S.Bubela)

Czech Sandstones Paradise… A mecca for any orienteer, and where the World Cup Middle was held, with two very challenging courses developing between high rock pilasters, canyons and steep hills. Riccardo was very satisfied with its performance and the 26th spot, despite few mistakes, while Carlotta definitely had enough speed, but did some imprecisions.



On Sunday the top40 M&W of the overall World Cup Standings were expected to run the Sprint Final in Mlada Boleslav old town. A mix of short challenging controls, long routechoices, tricky stairs and some artificial fences made it a very enjoyable sprint final race. Riccardo and Robert ran two great races and took the 10th & 14th place. Carlotta started like a rocket in the B final and missed the beginning, but then got better and better.



Meanwhile, in USA our Sebastian Inderst took his second stop of the World-Tour… After visiting Mexico for two weeks he moved to Los Angeles and explored some of the most scenic sites of North America; Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Las Vegas… Just to cite some… 🙂 But hey, he is training still, and showed great signs of shape yesterday, winning a 5km race on rolling gravel roads with a PB! Good job!!

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